Why We Built Tallisto

Over the last 10+ years, we’ve tried most of the accounting/bookkeeping solutions for small businesses. Some were software you installed on your computer and others were web based. We never found the right solution for us. Some included more functionality than we needed. Others required you to add your bank account information for transaction importing. And some were just difficult to use. Finally, we gave up and decided to build a solution that fit our needs, the needs of small businesses, sole proprietors and freelancers. We determined we needed the following:

  • A way to quickly and easily enter transactions
  • Simple Reporting
  • Security
  • Accessible from any browser (computer, tablet or mobile device)
  • Ease the pain of tax preparation

To meet those needs, this is what we built.

Rather than going to separate areas to enter a savings deposit, a credit card charge or a check, Tallisto use a single form for entering all transactions.

Small business only need a handful of reports, reports like an Income Statement, income and expense breakdowns and Schedule C breakdowns. Tallisto has a simple reporting interface where you select the desired report and the date range. You can also download all your transactions into an Excel spreadsheet where you can create more advanced reports.

We were never comfortable giving a third-party our bank account information, so we don’t ask for it and it isn’t required to use Tallisto. You’ll never have to worry about your bank account information getting into the wrong hands.

It is a mobile world and Tallisto was built to be used on the go with your smart phone, on the couch with your tablet or at your desk with your computer. You don’t have to throw that receipt in a “To Be Entered” folder or wait to record that deposit until you get back to the office. With Tallisto, if you have access to the internet, you can enter that transaction immediately from your smart phone.

Paying taxes and preparing tax returns are part of running a business. It doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming. With Tallisto, we’ve built in the standard Schedule C reporting categories and an associated report. You can also download all your transactions to an Excel spreadsheet and give that to your accountant and/or tax preparer and let them handle everything.

We built Tallisto because we needed a simple accounting solution that was safe, secure and easy to use. We think we succeeded.