When we built Tallisto, security was our primary concern.  We wanted you to feel confident that your private information was never at risk with Tallisto.  To achieve this, we did something different than most, if not all, accounting web applications do. We do not ask for any financial information, not your bank account and routing numbers, not your credit card numbers, not even your banking username and password.

In our minds, the best security is not wanting, asking or storing your most private information, your financial information.

Even though we don’t have this information, we still take steps to give you the most secure experience possible.  All your interactions with the Tallisto app are over SSL (secure sockets layer).  Basically, this means your communication with the Tallisto servers is encrypted.  Additionally, your account password is encrypted before it is even saved to our servers.  We don’t know what it is and neither would a hacker if they gained access to our data system.

Doing this allowed us to take a better approach to entering and managing transactions.

  1. You use the same form for adding/editing all types of transactions. (no jumping around from account to account to manage transactions)
  2. You can download all transactions in a single CSV and Excel friendly formatted file (at any time).

There is one “drawback” to our approach.  You have to enter all your transactions and not have them automatically downloaded from your bank.  We don’t think that is a drawback though.  When you’re running a business, especially as a freelancer, you need to keep a close eye on all expenses and income.  Having and taking full control allows you to do this.  Another benefit is that you never have to worry about or double check downloaded transactions for errors or omissions.

If you want an accounting solution that is safe, secure, easy to use and gives you your data whenever you want it, give Tallisto a try.